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At the moment I'm working to help a number of great places with their products creating a slice of goodness in the world and my own creative endeavours (it's been a while). Updates to come - in the meantime please scroll down for the greatest hits of the past fifteen years. If you're working on something interesting, email me!

2021 - 2023

Head of Product
Creatively Squared

In this part-time role, I led the Product team in a growing start-up with product design, product management and engineering in my remit. I developed the first design system, spec'd and designed each new feature, built the product team and roadmap, developed the practices and undertook all user and industry research with global D2C and FMCG brands, established operations including workable PRDs, product cycles, testing and releases, developed stronger cross-team relationships and implemented new hiring processes in a tight market. Highlights included developing self serve functionality, implementing account management for internal teams, increasing activity, developing customer feedback controls and creating a scalable service.

Creatively Squared is a multi-sided B2B managed marketplace with customers including Unilever, Google, Procter & Gamble, AB InBev, Reckitt, Johnson & Johnson and General Mills.

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2021 - 2022

Relationships Product Manager

I joined the Movember charity in a part-time role to create a new product to focus on meaningful relationships and reduce the mental health decline experienced by men during separation. We partnered with the University of British Colombia to develop a program to address this. I worked with experts to figure out our intervention points and develop engaging content in multiple formats and channels, undertook user research and testing, created an extensive strategy including our role in systemic issues, shifted the focus to situations and ecosystems so everyone knew what we were building for and how we could reach men, developed a structure of delivery mechanisms, outlined our impact measurement, and managed the functions between research, copy, design and marketing.

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Movember relationships design product manager
Movember Relationships
Movember Relationships Live preview
Movember relationships
2021 - 2022

Head of Experience

I began my consulting role here during the launch of the first SAAS impact measurement platform. I established the UX processes and diagnosed problems and resolutions from marketing through to onboarding, time to value, and trial to paid conversions. I created the first brand suite and pattern library, designed a new mobile app for data collection, developed a resource centre for customers and leads, established a number of Product operations, conducted ongoing user research both qualitatively and quantitatively, and managed the first process from exploration through to implementation. I finished up by creating a plan for the strategic product development to a more automated SAAS solution through extensive research, business modelling and transitioning from sales to product led growth.

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Lis Dingjan Remote Production Design Workflows App Wireframes UX
Socialsuite impact measurement app design
Socialsuite impact measurement information architecture user research
Socialsuite impact measurement information architecture user research
Socialsuite impact measurement design system UX research
2019 - 2020

CX & Innovation Manager
Spark, UnitingCare

I led a small team in a large and complex not-for-profit working in health care and community services with over sixty-thousand employees, volunteers and customers. We developed empathetic service design, organization wide strategies for customer experience, designed for employee experience in a high-churn environment and worked on product development. I created and facilitated workshops whilst developing a management system so the team could scale and work self sufficiently when required. Using my past not-for-profit experience, I outlined a new impact measurement framework for the Innovation function and supported this through to enterprise-wide application.

Spark innovation design and management
Spark innovation design and management operations managing projects
Spark innovation design and management service design blueprint
Spark innovation design and management workshops
Spark innovation design and management workshops
2012 - 2021

Founder & Creative Director
Identity Division

I created and managed an experience design studio for nine years working with teams on international campaigns, not-for-profits and various brands. We specialized in the design of services, products, interfaces, brands and business models working from customer development through to execution and adoption. I spent a lot of time designing alongside customer journeys and development, go-to-market and launch strategies, service blueprints and workshop design, and led the implementation of numerous design systems and product operations, in addition to capacity building within client teams. I spent many years coding on numerous of these projects too - something I no longer do!

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Book of joy design
Social media management and design
Attic Salt - website design
Social media design
Social media design information architecture
Website design and branding development
2018 - 2022

Founder & Designer
Nowhere & Everywhere

Launched a social enterprise as a digital environmental hub and physical studio where I worked for a decade in rural Cambodia. We covered environmental topics in order for people to take action and worked with a top down and bottom up approach. I also work in the field with the community on locally led strategies, and developed our own zero-waste products from hemp and recovered linens to generate jobs (including every aspect of the design and production process) in order to use the profits for education and community projects.

2019 - 2021

Founder & Designer

Launched a kids social enterprise to teach children important environmental and social justice issues through engaging facts, stories & design. I created a product line for for schools, teachers and retailers alongside our expert input into these systemic issues. A highlight for me was being incredibly focused on ensuring this was inclusive to everyone - no matter how kids did and didn't show up in your life, and where you came from.

2015 - 2016

Digital Course Creator

I developed an extensive self-serve course for creative freelancers and small studios to manage their business working with clients. This included everything from contracts to client relationships, presentation and feedback on work, team management, establishing partnerships to increase revenue, and new strategies to stay booked while working fewer hours. I designed and coded it up after having delivered numerous client courses in other industries, and am so grateful for the creatives who this helped and all the increases in extra time and efficiency we were able to carve out so creatives could enjoy their businesses, and their lives, significantly more.

MC-Laughing-compressed Lis Dingjan
MeetCreative course for freelance and small business designers photographers architects creatives preview
MeetCreative course for freelance and small business designers - how to make a client presentationMeetCreative course for freelance and small business designers - client presentation
MeetCreative course for freelance and small business designers - visual process flow overviewMeetCreative course for freelance and small business designers - project lifecycle example
MeetCreative course for freelance and small business designers - project management exampleMeetCreative course for freelance and small business designers - project roadmap example
2007 - 2012

Corporate World

When the days of multiple after-school gigs came to a close, I began my career life young working across the world for a number of enterprise companies across finance and legal roles - most of which taught me that I couldn't sit in an office five days a week but developed my systems skills while creating some of my lifelong friendships. I regularly quit to go travelling for longer periods and to finish up my studies. All of my roles incorporated programming which is how my life as a front-end developer began and later proved useful as I learned new coding languages for client projects. For a while, I do think I had the best office location in the world staring at tower bridge during lunch each day!

Lisande (Lis) Dingjan

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