I help companies fix or grow their products, design for the planet and inclusivity, and delight their humans.

What kind of companies?  Startups, scaleups, social enterprises, not-for-profits, Bcorps, and small to medium sized businesses doing good things with a product, service or course. I care about things that deserve our care in the world.

Product & research

I step in to solve specific design, product, messaging or impact challenges, set up or grow product operations, develop strategy, establish key operations, or undertake research to meet customer or beneficiary needs and organization objectives.

Experience audits

A deep, useful analysis of your product or course with actionable steps and examples to improve conversions, identify problems and opportunities, and increase sales and engagement.

Earth centred design

The world can't keep creating, excluding and wasting the way it has. Let's chat business models, supply chains, product development and inclusive design to radically change the way things are done.

One day and done

If you could focus on solving or implementing one thing in one day, what would it be? Let's get it done in one day. This can include things like: creating a launch plan, understanding your ecosystem and positioning, doing user research on a key problem or gap, designing a strategy for employee recruitment and retention, reviewing and developing a sustainable and inclusive design plan for your team, a sales page or onboarding design or re-activation copy. With some pre-work, I get something very significant done in a day and check-in a couple of weeks later.
Lisande Dingjan (Lis Dingjan)

It’s serious business but I like to have a lot of fun doing it too.

Building a product is brave. Growing a product people love is exceptional. Doing ethical things is fraught with complexity. Living in hypercapitalism is exhausting. And managing all this can be exhilarating. Companies hire me to help them with that.
Let's chat
Do you work with online courses too?
Will you do a speaking gig at our event?
Can you do a guest lecture for us?
You work in environmentalism too right?
Do you know anything about manufacturing?
Will you do our product designs?
Do you really create fun one-liners for every brand you work with?
Yes - I'd love to see what you're creating. I've done extensive work with courses so we can go through the journey from pre-launch through to completion.
Public speaking makes me nervous but less so than Twitter so if you've got something coming up you think I'd be perfect for, I do it a few times every year. Hit me up on email with the details.
I allocate some time to these every year - usually on design, sustainability, environmentalism, and business. Please email with your details and dates.
I do! I spend a lot of time in rural Cambodia and you can usually find me head down in environmental studies, policies and research. You'll see a small snippet of this work over here.
I do - although industry leaders and supply chain folks will know much more of the nitty-gritty. I come at this from sustainable methodology in combination with business models and stakeholder relationships for innovative solutions.
I do varying levels of product design depending on the project and needs. From sketching and testing through to wireframing, protoyping and high-fidelity interface design. I'm interested in the user experience, working with your tech team and delighting customers.
Yes - try me (and then try them in marketing campaigns if you're brave!).
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