Environmentalism with dollops of humor

We worked on Wasteless in a partnership experiment to bring fun back into eco, and quality products onto the market for small to medium businesses who needed easy, sustainable packaging solutions. After a name jamming session we landed on wasteless and crafted a brand around this.

My role



Name development
Brand development
Advertising copywriting
Packaging design


Adobe Suite

Logo and brand

We knew we wanted to keep the typeface clean but bold so we played with numerous types and editing of them to present as options. We landed upon a curvier type that felt warm and approachable whilst being fun and strong.

Product developments

The initial range was launching with shipping boxes, tissue paper, paper packing tape and mailing boxes. This was a place where we could inject some fun so we developed numerous lines of copy we could use across the products and advertising promos.

Brand development

We understood the customer deeply and with fun in mind also wanted to design a memorable mascot to the brand that we could use in promotional material along with presenting facts and solutions. We started the interface design by thinking of areas the customer would have to regularly land on that we can liven up.

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