Timeless Tuscany

Headed to Italy for a big launch

The Dreama Tolle Perry brand released a new course each year for her incredible audience. Timeless Tuscany was the third in the releases I created for the brand. The courses are huge and require significant strategy in an effective method of architecture and learning. With thousands of students signed on, they are multi-six figure launches that require tight preparation and launch campaigns across social media and ads to support this. I was lucky to join the team in Italy for this adventure.

My role

Creative director


Brand development
Design & development
Collateral design
Marketing imagery
Custom handlettering
Processes & systems
Information architecture
Custom illustration


Adobe Suite
Wordpress CMS
Memberships Pros


With two very popular courses already released we undertook this adventure to Italy with a similar approach to Provence but in a beautiful Tuscan style. We know thousands of students will be enrolled in this course so we needed to create an immersive experience of lessons & travel.

Brand development

We custom illustrated across the course in a light, hand drawn style. The lettering was hand crafted in an old Italian style with a modern twist. The color palette was chosen to move away from purely the terracotta orange associated with Tuscany and bring colors in from the flowers and green rolling hills.


Timeless Tuscany has 6 major modules each with 7 departments that house the various lessons of that work. Our work was to turn these departments into downloadable worksheets and print sheets for the home to accompany each lesson.

Supply lists and palettes

Each course has its own supply lists and palettes which we create up in templates that the client team can then update accordingly as they need to throughout the course. Timeless Tuscany included 3 options for members of which we created the corresponding templates for.

Social media

We created social media profile options for the main brand Facebook page to use throughout launch, the Facebook Group and the personal Facebook page. Various options are provided for different stages of launch (pre-sales, registration, closing soon etc).

Gift certificate

For each course under the DTP brand we provide a gift certificate that can be easily complete in Adobe Acrobat to provide after purchase to the recipient.

Completion certificate

As each student finishes their course, the DTP team send a physical completion certificate to the student for their records, presentation or framing. We provide a digital version and printable version.

Travel maps

As the course is filmed on location and combines significant travel and inspiration with the lessons the members often ask for maps and key locations for their own trips. These are all custom illustrated by us.

Converting sales

As with any product or course this is one of the key design areas to get right. The sales page for courses are often significant and includes a lot of text by the strategic copywriters to be broken down into digestible sections that convert readers to members. This is always a fun challenge! We want people to have all the information they need and sell them into the course. We broke this course into the sales page, about area (for people new to the brand), questions & support and registration page.

Design and development

Inside Timeless Tuscany are over 25 custom designed pages and templates for use throughout the course. They include success, error & login pages and states, welcome dashboard, modules, weekly delivery, music, film and wine areas, recipe development, support, video tips and more.

Social marketing campaigns

The course launches twice a year and requires promotional graphics for Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. We provided numerous graphics for split testing along with graphics required by their conversion writer and promotional stories.

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