The Book of Joy

Sharing the joy in a divided world

How do we bring the world together when it’s just been divided? This was the question we had to ask ourselves as the American presidential elections loomed, and heartbreakingly arrived, coinciding with the book release and campaigns. One thing was true, the world needed joy and peace more than ever before.

My role

Creative director
Technology strategist
Marketing consultant


Business workshop
Brand development
Logo design
Custom lettering
Social media design
Website design & development
Collateral design


Photography: Chojer
Publisher: Penguin Randomhouse
Book Design: Penguin Randomhouse
Video: Andrew Mumm

The campaign

Bringing together teams from across the globe we worked on the release of the book from websites for book retail orders, to public websites, joy campaigns, social sharing and videost text value

“The world needs joy and compassion more than ever before – and who better than Archbishop Tutu and the Dalai Lama to show us how it is done. This beautiful book takes us on the journey of their friendship and gives us the gift of their wisdom. A bright spot of hope and love in this world.”

Richard Branson

Brand development

First step for us was to create a cohesive foundational visual system for the brand. Without scope for extensive brand work, we pulled together the primary components for all the teams to use. We drew our color inspiration from Desmond Tutu & the Dalai Lama’s signature dress colors and melded a natural feel around that.

Branding and tech workshop

I travelled to San Francisco to run a workshop for the team in California. The full-day workshop ran through an interactive branding session and an afternoon systems workshop with the team. We conducted collaborative exercises to work out our project goals, ideas and upcoming systems and processes.

Viral video campaign

We custom lettered the videos for the team to create campaigns from that were marketed to become huge social shares and media resources. We worked with the various marketing agencies to co-ordinate a global effort of press & community sharing. Figures are as of August 2017.


Social shares





Marketing resources

During the project we created posters for the public to download, share on social media and set as their phone wallpapers. Additionally we lettered a pledge for people to print, sign & share to create a key engagement technique.

“It is entirely due to you all that this remarkable thing has happened and rather feebly and inadequately I want say a big thank you to you all. His Holiness (the Dalai Lama) and I are basking in your reflected glory.”

Archbishop Desmond Tutu
Book of joy design

Interactive website

With a smaller website but large imperative to reach – and more importantly engage – as many people as we could, we came up with ideas to get people actively participating throughout the site. Active engagement was afterall the biggest goal of the #sharethejoy marketing campaign. We created a strategy to send a letter of joy through the website to a friend or family member. We developed materials to download such as a pledge to #sharethejoy, take a picture and have it featured so we could count joy participants across the world. We also developed a new area to cover the seven obstacles of joy which were featured in the book with enticing small clips that then joined with actions and pledges you could immediately tweet out leading to more purchases of the book. The design needed to reach a huge market segment of a worldwide audience both male and female (predominantly 65% women), ages 20 – 70 (primary age market 40 – 55) and was requested not to be minimal & slick but combine a feel of the older world charm and adventure in a modern design. We carried this through in the background texture, the maps of where they met illustrated by us and the lettering for the adventure aspect.

Social media

We devised the content to #sharethejoy and created a stream of graphics and style for social media to use across the brand primarily on Facebook & Instagram.

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