The Academy of Trust

A membership hub to scale your team

The Business of Trust worked with major corporations on their engagement and relationships. Their expertise was in high demand, they ran consistently sold out workshops and were booked solid for the year. With partners and facilitators across the world already in place they needed an additional solution that they could scale out to companies for training across employee departments, and provide training to smaller operations. The Academy of Trust, an online learning portal, was born. A whopping 30 unique web pages were designed for the program along with realms of worksheets, marketing materials and collateral.

My role

Creative director

Brand & strategy

Brand development & guide
UX research
User workflows
Business canvas model
Affiliate program

Membership development

Sales page design & development
Course design & development
Membership hub & systems
Pre-sales training leads
Pitch deck design
Course materials design
Social media design
Promo collateral


We needed to replicate online what they could do offline. After attending one of their in-person workshops we knew a big component of this would be video through demonstrations & authoritative presence, interactive worksheets and face-to-face group training. Alongside the Members Hub we provided ideas, plugins and training for breakout rooms in Zoom which allowed them to create a similar virtual scenario as in workshops.

User research & Voice of Customer

We conducted UX research into the target market of the brand and their buying triggers, needs and behaviors to craft the relevant user stories. This allowed us to deeply understand and empathize with the different users of the future training course and ensure we were able to design a customer journey and interface accurately to fit these needs.

Course architecture

We started by zooming out on the program. After a change in direction it was determined there would be two major programs as part of the Academy with potential to do mini courses. We mapped out the current track of users through the program.

User workflows

Each major process was then mapped out to see the journey of a user and what needed to happen on the backend – automated as much as possible.


We created hundreds of pages of worksheets across the courses for users to interactively complete in each module.

Wallet cards

Toward the end of our project whilst running a live workshop they suggested they have a handout which could fit in their wallet of a key idea. This rounded off the collateral created for the Academy.

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