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Developing an expanding doctor franchise

I worked with two other teams providing tech consulting and extensive development on a new website interface for a rapidly growing medical franchise. Smart Clinics was opening new locations quickly throughout Queensland and expanding into other states across Australia. They required a more robust website with easier booking experiences and more effective administrative management.

My role

Front-end developer
Technical consultant






The team at Juno had designed a beautiful primary interface. These designs included mega menus and services across the site. I took these designs, structured the information architecture and coded them up. We were then left with numerous remaining pages from the old site that hadn’t been part of the design process so I accounted for these, redesigned them and re-coded the others to use the new component library. The site was responsively built with a mobile first experience in key specific areas to ensure booking was swift and easy.

Smart Clinics websiteSmart Clinics website


I provided QA testing, full documentation of what was undertaken, training on the backend and handover booklets for continued use, best practices and administrative management.

Smart Clinics website
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