Sometimes I write things, sometimes I talk with people and occasionally other people write things too.

Here's a little list of some of my favorites, old and new. It's always intriguing to reflect on past opinions and positions. If you'd like to read my words a little more regularly, I write the editor intro inside our environmental newsletter and you can find me on Linkedin for little thoughts.
Business writings
Give me disruptive transparency, not innovation (Linkedin Article)
How we conduct product experiments (Creatively Squared)
Can designers fix the mess we created? (Nowhere & Everywhere)
Building a good week (Identity Division)
Designing the office for women (Linkedin Article)
A minimalist guide to running your business (Identity Division)
A little on the environment
A comprehensive guide to climate change (Nowhere & Everywhere)
Our language in the social impact space needs work (Nowhere & Everywhere)
The longest suburban sprawl in the world (Nowhere & Everywhere)
Interviews and features
Lis on The Fridge Photos (website)
Systems thinking as a response to the climate crisis on Go Simone (podcast)
What's next for volunteering #tech4good on Volaby by Orange Sky (webinar)
Tips for freelancers to stay on top of their game on AGDA (interview)
The 100 best websites for writers on The Write Life 2014 (website)
Events and workshops
Measuring social impact - guest speaker (University of Queensland) 2020
Designing experiences to shift system issues - speaker (UX at Deloitte) 2020
Brand and strategy workshop facilitator (Central America) 2013 - 2017
Startup mentor MBA students (University of Queensland) 2015
My work in Cambodia
The true cost of an ethical and sustainable product (Nowhere & Everywhere)
Renovating a centre in rural Cambodia (Nowhere & Everywhere)
The plastic problem is not the fault of low-income countries  (Nowhere & Everywhere)
In Cambodia the climate crisis is already here (The Green Hub)
Landfill is not the answer (Nowhere & Everywhere)
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